Unique and unspoilt nature, fascinating setting, relaxation - visit the best fishing places in Iceland!

Unique and unspoilt nature,
fascinating setting, relaxation

Visit the best fishing places
in Iceland!

General information

Change day in the cottages is Tuesday. You will arrive in Keflavik International Airport on Tuesday. On arrival you will be transfered to the domestic Airport in Reykjavik for a  charter flight to Isafjordur. Flight time to Isafjordur is approximately 45 minutes. Tranfer from/to airports in comfortable buses to your fishing resort in Sudureyri/Flateyri.

The fishing resorts

Suðureyri is a small village 23 km away from Ísafjörður, the biggest town in the west fjords and it is an ideal destination for all travelling the area. You will find all importan services in town.
Suðureyri is a fine example of an Icelandic fishing village and very close to one of the best angling sites in the North Atlantic. Throughout the ages, the locals have brought catch from the sea and prevailed with elegance through the difficulties of the fishing industry.

Flateyri is located only 24 km away from Ísafjörður. The town is quite self-contained and all major services are to be found there. It has its own tranquil way of life. Flateyri is a lovely place in the calm of the evening when boats slubmer by the harbour and the fjord beyond it sports an upside down image of Þorfinnur mountain. In the shadow of the mountain, the hearts fo fish and men beat in time with the tide.


In the villages Suðureyri and Flateyri you will find tackle shops with equipment and bait. The shops also have some rental rods and wheels.
Our fishing guides provide on-sea guiding service upon request and advice on prime fishing location and choice tackle. They also provide information about the weather forecast regarding fishing opportunies and safety.
We emphasize on personal and professional service.

Angling Information

Fishing on the West part of Iceland can be compared to fishing in northern Norway. You need a rod at about 12 lbs T.C for cod, haddock and catfish. If You want to try the halibut, your rod need to be at least 40 lbs T.C. Waters around the West Iceland is relatively shallow, so a reel with 400 m 0.30 mm dyneema is enough. Cod is always hungry in this part of the world, so use JIG 100 - 300 grams or rubber fish, hooks need to be 10/0 to 12/0. Please do not use the smaller size because there are very young cod in the waters and we do not want to catch them!

For haddock, use of course much smaller hooks, 2/0 - 3/0 or less. It is okay to use different types of special hooks or baits. The same applies to the catfish angling where it is best to use herring as baits or pieces of saithe. Fishing for halibut is different because it deals with much larger fish, record catches is more than 200 kilograms. This means that we use saithe from 1 kilograms as bait and a hook at 14 0. It is best to fish for halibut 4-5 meters above the seabed or in saithe and herring shoals. Halibut can be found where the bottom is sandy. Use small hooks and with herring as bait.

For more fishing information, please contact us!