Iceland ProFishing


We have recently come back to UK after a good trip to Iceland where we tried out the Shore Fishing. Our guide, Steve at shoved us what it is all about. In every cast there was a bite, double shot of Dab was on the line in 3 out of 4 casts.

The rich and well-protected waters that surround Iceland offer some of the best cod fishing in the North Atlantic. However, it’s not only cod you can catch, many other species swim in our waters and all offer you the chance to set a new personal best.

Tackle and tactics vary depending on the species you want to target. Our favoured set-up for shore fishing is a reasonably powerful rod suited to fishing heavy ground, combined with a 7000-sized reel loaded with 30lb to 40lb mono. This will tackle the majority of the fishing you’re likely to encounter. Distance casting isn’t necessary, either, because most of the fish are caught between 30 and 100 yards. It’s worth bringing along a reel set up for distance casting, though, because the spurdogs and rays are sometimes a little further out.

Lure fishing works very well here, and both cod and coalfish into double figures readily take a variety of artificial lures, including flies. If you want some fun with lures, bring along an uptiding rod and a fixed-spool reel filled with 80lb braid. This may sound over the top, but if one of our big coalies nails you then you might wish you had something even more powerful! Saltwater fly fishing is a total blast and it’s possible to hook into some huge fish but, remember, anything much over 3lb is a real handful on fly gear.